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There are many reasons to volunteer at Samaritan House – because you are concerned about domestic violence and homelessness, because you want to meet and work with people who share your vision, or because you have a talent you can share to help make a difference for people in need in your community.

Samaritan House relies on the hard work and dedication of over 100 volunteers each month who support our staff and clients in essential ways. Whether you want to work in direct client services or as behind the scenes support, we have a need and place for you.

Our free quarterly, three-day training offers extensive information on Samaritan House services and relevant issues, including the dynamics of domestic violence, family homelessness, the history of the battered women’s movement, the effects of violence on children, stalking, and sexual assault. Volunteers jobs range based on training hours.


Volunteering with Samaritan House is a great project for churches, civic organizations, school, businesses and alike. Our volunteer groups include Amerigroup, McPhillips, Roberts and Deans, ARDX, Capital One, Sentara Leigh, HRUBS, BB&T, Target, Enoch Baptist Church, First Presbyterian Church, King Grants Presbyterian Church (Outside these Wall Ministry), St. John the Apostle & Zonta.


Volunteer Opportunities Include:

  • 24-hour crisis hotline operator
  • Once-a-week shelter grocery shopper
  • Development and Fundraising Assistant
  • Special Events Assistant
  • Children’s Program Assistant
  • Administrative/Clerical (typing, filing, etc.) Assistant
  • Landscaper/Gardener
  • Maintenance Assistant
  • Holiday Helper
  • Driver
  • Educator
  • Blogger/Writer
  • Marketing/Development Assistant
  • Researcher


Volunteer Application

For more information about volunteer opportunities, contact Melody Sanders

Internship Program:

Do you need hands-on experience in your chosen field? Need a few class credits? Great! Samaritan House is the internship program for you. Interns are a part of team. You will work with a lot of dedicated and experienced professionals in the field of domestic violence and homelessness. Our internship program provides the necessary career training and credits to help with your success.

Internship Program Description

Internship Application

For more information on our internship program, contact Rebecca Headings.



Samaritan House Court Companion Program

This program provides volunteers an opportunity within a community-based setting to assist people who have experienced domestic violence. Volunteers will offer victims of domestic violence emotional support and connect them to community resources during and following court proceedings at the Virginia Beach Juvenile Domestic Relations Court.

Samaritan House volunteers will have the opportunity to:
• Empower people who have experienced violence to regain the control that was taken from them while enduring various forms of abuse
• Acquire hands-on experience working in the community with a vulnerable population
• Acquire skills and knowledge for professional development and career enhancement
• Work with allied professionals in non-profit and public agencies

Activities may include, but are not limited to:
• Providing individual crisis intervention, normalizing victims’ emotions and providing support in a nonjudgmental and confidential environment
• Assessing victims’ safety by completing lethality assessments and creating safety plans
• Providing victims with information about protection orders and the judicial process
• Assessing for trauma symptoms and providing referral to a free counseling resource
• Assessing for basic needs such as clothing, food and shelter and connecting them to resources

Volunteer Eligibility
• Volunteers who have an interest and passion in providing assistance to victims of violence from a trauma-informed approach
• Volunteers who have the time and willingness to complete significant computer-based and agency training
• Strong communication and interpersonal skills
• Ability to interact professionally with diverse communities with cultural competence
• Ability to manage multiple tasks concurrently with excellent time management
• Ability to work independently and with others as a team

To be considered for as a Court Companion, please submit inquiries Katherine Ashford.

Download a copy of Court Companion description.

Volunteer Community Coordinator- Thrift Store Connections

Seeking highly skilled volunteer(s) with interest in marketing, relationship building and communications to grow donations for Thrift Store City. A percentage from the sale of all items from Thrift Store City supports Samaritan House. The support is vital to our organization, and we are building an initiative to increase these profits. This a full-time volunteer position with many responsibilities and requires organizational skills, computer skills, daily or semi-daily time commitment either from the administrative office or from home.

Thrift Store donations are CRITICAL to the mission of Samaritan House as they provide basic needs for our homeless families and the children living with us. Additionally, income from Thrift Store City provides critical funding needed to provide food, shelter, utilities, support services, job assistance, and counseling needed by clients traumatized by domestic violence and homelessness. This volunteer position requires someone who can/will operate as a leader and an emissary for Samaritan House with civic leagues, churches, homeowner associations and corporations across Hampton Roads. This volunteer will provide leadership, direction and guidance to other volunteers who will be recruited to assist. Requires daily or semi-daily commitment on-site or from home. Cell phone and laptop/email will be provided. Responsibilities include working with the executive director and leadership team in implementing the strategic plan to GROW donations to Thrift Store City and ensure EVERY community in our region is connected to Samaritan House for donations.

To be considered for Volunteer Community Coordinator, submit inquiries to: Melody Sanders.

Samaritan House Transportation

Position Summary: To assist staff with providing transportation for clients to group and various appointments. Volunteer will report to Children’s Department Volunteer Coordinator and Volunteer Coordinator. Current time requirements are Wednesdays from 10 AM till 1 PM, Thursday evenings from 5 PM till 9 PM, Fridays from 9 AM till 3 PM and as needed.


Job Responsibilities: 

  1. Transport clients per request from their Advocate.
  2. Limit trips to exact specifications of Advocate.
  3. Utilize Samaritan House Vehicles for all trips.
  4. Engage in friendly conversation, but avoid offering advice or counseling a client.
  5. Keep conversations to a minimum and encourage client to discuss issues with Advocate.
  6. Notify Advocate immediately of any concerns you may have following transporting a client.

Required Background:

  1. Background Check
  2. Full Samaritan House Volunteer Orientation and Training
  3. Volunteers must possess a valid driver’s license and current proof of Insurance (Samaritan House insurance coverage is primary when operating an agency vehicle)

Required Skills:

  1. Volunteers must always drive using the highest level of vigilance for the safety and well being of everyone involved.
  2. Must agree to abide by the policies and procedures governing the use of Samaritan House vehicles. (See the attached Agency Vehicle Procedures for Volunteers)
  3. Be willing to wait for clients to complete their appointments.
  4. Must be willing to work independently.
  5. Possess good people skills.

To be considered for as a Transportation Volunteer, please submit inquiries Melody Sanders.

To download Volunteer Application Click Here


Samaritan House Intake Coordinator

 Position Summary: This position is responsible for conducting crisis interviews with callers and walk-ins as needed, screening all requests for emergency housing, conducting intake assessments, assigning residents to emergency housing, and securing placement for callers who are in immediate danger. Volunteer will report to the Intake Volunteer Manager.

 Job Responsibilities:

  1. Screen all requests for emergency housing or assistance, conduct crisis interviews with callers and walk-ins as needed and secure transportation and placement for callers who are in immediate danger.
  2. Provide information and referral to other organizations as appropriate. Advocate with other organizations for services as needed for callers.
  3. Determine emergency housing placements according to presented need, utilizing a triage approach.
  4. Conduct intake interviews for all incoming residents. Review housekeeping, security, childcare, and house rules and all other policies with incoming residents.
  5. Accompany and orient new emergency housing residents to their designated housing.
  6. Maintain the “Resident Information Board” and daily census report.
  7. Follow the “Emergency Response Policy” for placement of families/individuals in immediate danger when the shelters are full; provide immediate on site consultation to domestic violence victims who are referred by hospital emergency rooms.
  8. Create, maintain and update the resource manual detailing available community resources. The resource manual must be reviewed and updated not less than annually.
  9. Work directly with volunteers and student interns; assist with supervision, retention and appreciation efforts.
  10. Other duties as assigned.

Required Background:

  1. Clean background check and Child Protective Services reports
  2. Experience in crisis counseling, domestic violence and/or homeless shelter or other relevant work experience is preferred.
  3. Working knowledge of issues as they relate to domestic violence and homelessness.

Required Skills:

  1. Experience managing multiple projects and activities simultaneously
  2. Ability to read, write and communicate in English
  3. Ability to work within a team model of service delivery
  4. Have a clean driving record
  5. Current proof or insurance and DMV record.
  6. Ability to use a computer and telephone

To be considered for as an Intake Volunteer, please submit inquiries Katherine Ashford.

To download Volunteer Application Click Here


Samaritan House Child Care

Position Summary: To assist the Children’s Department in the nurturing and care of children who are utilizing the services of Samaritan House, as well as provide child care for the parents in our programs during appointments and classes. Volunteer will report to Children’s Department Volunteer Coordinator.


Infants – 5 years old

  1. Provide support and comfort to children while their parent is away.
  2. Responsible for changing diapers when needed.
  3. Assist children with developmental milestones such as “ tummy time,” sitting up, standing/walking, sharing and playing well with others.
  4. Lead snack/meal time
  5. Engage in one-on-one or small group pretend play (cooking, dress-up, school, etc.).
  6. Reinforce group rules such as sharing, using inside voices, and staying with the group at all times.
  7. Foster a no-contact/non-physical environment (everyone keeps their hands to themselves).

For School Age Children 

  1. Provide support to the Children’s Advocates, tutors, or volunteers while they are presenting lessons.
  2. Engaging children with games, crafts or books in a one-on-one or small group setting .
  3. Reinforce group rules such as sharing, using inside voices, and staying with the group at all times.
  4. Foster a no-contact/non-physical environment (everyone keeps their hands to themselves).


  1. Background Check
  2. Must attended and complete full Samaritan House Orientation and Training
  3. Basic knowledge of child development

 Required Skills:

  1. Ability to work and interact with children of various ages, while providing a positive environment.
  2. Ability to respectfully and effectively communicate with staff, parents and children.
  3. Ability to work with children who may be experiencing behavioral or emotional issues related to their family circumstances.
  4. Must be able to work independently or in a team setting.
  5. Follow directions precisely and be able to seek clarification of tasks.
  6. Act in accordance with Samaritan House policies and procedures.

To be considered for as a Child Care Volunteer, please submit inquiries Katherine Ashford.

To download Volunteer Application Click Here