Prevention in the Community

Samaritan House is committed to preventing violence by breaking the cycle in youth and children through promotion of healthy relationships. Our Prevention Specialist provides programming, through the DO YOU curriculum, to Elementary, Middle, and High Schools.

DO YOU campaign:

This campaign addresses youth violence in a variety of forms, whether dating and sexual violence, sexual harassment, or bullying; by confronting the root causes and enhancing protective factors. The goal is to build resiliency in our youth by promoting positive development and healthy relationships. The curriculum for this program uses primary prevention principles through creative expression to create a strategy to stop violence before it starts. Each of the ten sessions uses experiential activities to build resilience in youth by helping teens build compassion, learn to model fairness and equality, and to feel valued by one’s community to name a few.

Education Presentations:

In addition to the DO YOU curriculum we offer 90 minute presentation on Healthy Relationships. They include interactive activities and group work to bring awareness to dating violence. This includes warning signs and ways to get help. Also distribute resources for help if they are in an abusive relationship or know someone that is.
Additional Prevention Tools:

For more information on the DO YOU or other prevention program please contact Sabra Mitchell.

Workshops & Training

How can we work together to prevent violence and homelessness in our community?

Just ask us. We offer a range of free trainings, presentations, activities, and workshops that help build awareness of domestic violence issues, healthy relationships, and intervention strategies. We believe that prevention of domestic violence begins with awareness of healthy and unhealthy relationship patterns. If you are interested in raising awareness of the issues, please contact us for a presentation, and help start a discussion. (Presentation lengths and activities vary according to the needs of participants and can be customized to fit your group.)

For more information contact Katherine Ashford.

Available Presentation Topics:

Dynamics of Domestic Violence—Recognition, Prevention & Intervention

Dynamics of Domestic Violence quickly builds from basic understanding to advanced analysis of domestic violence. By clarifying the myths, stereotypes, and beliefs particular to our society, we can decrease victim blaming and collusion with perpetrators.

Teen Dating Violence / Healthy Relationships

According to a 2008 national survey by Liz Claiborne Inc., one in three teenagers experience abuse in dating relationships. Teen Dating Violence helps teens recognize their rights and responsibilities in relationships and determine how to handle the often difficult emotional situations that arise when their rights are violated.

Samaritan House Services and Volunteer Opportunities

This presentation is an introduction to Samaritan House for anyone interested in learning more about the basics of the program and how to join the fight to end domestic violence and homelessness.