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Recently, in a conversation, I remember saying, “Guys like to fix things.  The 100 Men are a bunch of guys who want to feel like we can solve a problem.  We want to fix something here.  It’s in our DNA.” The 100 Men is an arm of The Samaritan House formed as a fund-raising tool and a marketing voice to explain to the community what goes on here.  Our mission can be stated with lofty words like “giving a voice to ending domestic violence” or being “the guardians against domestic violence” and surely that is our goal – to end the senseless violence that tears a family apart.

Nonetheless, I think our mission is best explained in simple terms:  We want to fix something here.
This annual report does far more than report numbers – it tells a story.  It’s one that’s often hidden or forgotten, because it is a community’s most embarrassing story.  Not just in our community, but nationwide. Wars wage around the world, and terrorists do unthinkable acts, and the news brings them front and center.  Yet quietly, dark and hidden, there is fear, pain, and sorrow all around us in homes and neighborhoods you would never imagine having such trouble.

There’s a second part to this story.  Here in our community we have an organization like The Samaritan House making strides to help those in need and to create a more informed legal system to support victims.  We’re called The Samaritan House but we are far more than a shelter.  An endless list of services provide a driving force against the harsh reality of domestic violence in Hampton Roads, and it is thanks to the many supporters like you who make it possible.

My thanks to The 100 Men and to all those who donate their time, talent, and treasure to this cause.  Together, in our community, we can fix something here.

Chris Calcagno
President Seventh Point

Chairman 100 Men


 2015 100 Men:

Gary Alcaraz
Jake Allison
Ed Amorosso
Jim Arnhold
Bob Aston
Charles Barker
Tom Bates
Frank Batten, Jr.
Larry Bernert
Zachary Brandau
Eric Breen
Jim Brown
Rick Burnell
Chris Calcagno
Jeff Chernitzer
Keith Curtis
Glenn Davis
Alex Divaris
Gerald Divaris
Nathan Drory
Dave Durham
George Faatz
John Fain
W. Taylor Franklin
Dr. Ed George
Richard S. Glasser
Bob Golden
Carl Hardee
William Haycox
Andy Hodge
Thomas Johnston
David Kaufman
James G. Kellam, Jr.
Dave Kenerson
Kyle D. Korte
Steve Lawson
Harry Lester
Gene Loving
J. H. “Jody” Luck
John F. Malbon
Vince Mastracco, Jr.
Bob McCabe
Michael W. McCabe, Sr.
Wayne McKenley
Frank M. Monroe, Jr.
William H. Monroe, Jr.
Thomas Nicholson
Richard E. Nottingham
Donald J. O’Brian
Doug Perry
Mike Pope
Tim Rees
Jeff Richardson
Andrew Richmond
Congressman Scott Rigell
Tim Robertson
Walter Roe
Joash Schulman
Dr. Camden Wood Selig
Prescott Sherrod
Ken Shewbridge
R. Paul Speece
Jim Squires
Kevin Wampler
Mike Wheeler
Jon S. Wheeler
Preston M. White, Jr.
John O. “Dubby” Wynne