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Local Men’s Group Works to End Domestic Violence with Stop the Violence Breakfast

Domestic violence is often considered a women’s issue, because 85% of victims are women experiencing violence from men. Understanding this reality doesn’t diminish the violence that men are experiencing from women or the violence that may occur in same sex relationships. We must, however, examine whether such disparity in victimization is related to our social…


Mom, 11 kids at last find a home through Samaritan House

Their fresh start began on a biting January morning, when the 11 siblings hurtled out of an aging Dodge Caravan and up the house’s steps. “Come on!” one shouted, leading his four brothers and six sisters bundled in jackets and boots. The 14-year-old held the baby. The 5-year-old carried a jumbo pack of toilet paper….

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Hurt. Hate. Heal.

“I hate you for leaving my dad,” Shawn yelled to his mother Jackie. Jackie fled Shawn’s abusive father to find refuge at Samaritan House. Shawn and Jackie arrived at Samaritan House on a weekend after driving from New Jersey to seek help. “I just got in the car, she said. “Just started driving.” Married four…

Stalking Awareness

January is National Stalking Awareness Month

The ring of the telephone. A knock on the door. An unexpected gift. For millions of people every year, these everyday occurrences signal something much more sinister – a stalker. Stalking is broadly defined as a series of actions directed at a specific individual that would cause a reasonable person to feel fear. Stalking behaviors…