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Major Gifts Officer, Brooke Briggs, Named Top 40 Under 40

Brooke Briggs, 35, Major Gifts Officer, Samaritan House At work My job is to raise funds and awareness around a cause. Domestic violence makes people uncomfortable. I work to educate them about domestic violence. People give as much to people as they do causes. When I’m able to make someone think differently about violence and…


Helping Domestic Violence Victims

In a private waiting room at Virginia Beach Juvenile Domestic Relations Court, I sit on a bench beside a young woman who is nervously wringing her hands around the strap of her purse. At her feet, a boy of three or four plays with a plastic kitchen set. It’s clear that this woman is his…


Why it’s good we’re still talking about Janay and Ray Rice

Domestic violence is a complex issue. The very public debate surrounding Ray Rice’s assault of Janay Palmer in an Atlantic City casino elevator has touched upon many facets of this complex issue. We are publicly talking about accountability and whether responses were strong enough from major institutions such as law enforcement, the criminal justice system, and yes, the National…

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